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  • A Monkey’s Heart
    Along time ago a little town made up of a collection of low huts stood in a tiny green valley at the foot of a cliff. Of course the people […]
  • The Nunda
    Once upon a time there lived a sultan who loved his garden dearly, and planted it with trees and flowers and fruits from all parts of the world. He went […]
  • The Death Of Abu Nowas
    Once upon a time there lived a man whose name was Abu Nowas, and he was a great favourite with the Sultan of the country, who had a palace in […]
  • The Magician and The Sultan’s Son
    There was once a sultan who had three little sons, and no one seemed to be able to teach them anything; which greatly grieved both the sultan and his wife.     […]
  • The Cock Who Caused A Fight Between Two Towns
    Ekpo and Etim were half-brothers, that is to say they had the same mother, but different fathers. Their mother first of all had married a chief of Duke Town, when […]
  • How The Cannibals Drove The People away
    Very many years ago, before the oldest man alive at the present time can remember, the towns of Ikom, Okuni, Abijon, Insofan, Obokum, and all the other Injor towns were […]
  • Why the Bat is Ashamed to Be Seen at Day
     There was once an old mother sheep who had seven lambs, and one day the bat, who was about to make a visit to his father-in-law who lived a long […]
  • Ituen and the King’s Wife
    Ituen was a young man of Calabar. He was the only child of his parents, and they were extremely fond of him, as he was of fine proportions and very […]
  • The Story of the Lightning and the Thunder
    In the olden days the thunder and lightning lived on the earth amongst all the other people, but the king made them live at the far end of the town, […]
  • Hampton’s Shack
    Anna’s heart was beating like a talking drum. She tried to stifle her heavy breathing, but she could feel herself dying with every attempt. Soon, there were footfalls. ‘Thud’, ‘Thud’, […]
  • The Man Who Never Lied
    Once upon a time there lived a wise man by the name of Mamad. He never lied. All the people in the land, even the ones who lived twenty days […]
  • The Yam Festival
    The day was scorching and Kamsiyonna was squinting her eyes as the hot sun blazed furiously in the blue sky that Saturday afternoon. She was smiling and clapping to the […]




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